Frequently Questions & Answers (Myanmar e-Visa)

What is an e-Visa?
What type of Visa can I apply online?

If I have more than one passport, can I apply for the Visa using the particulars from the first passport and then travel with the second passport?

Is there any validity restriction of inviting company registration for Business Visa?

Can I apply eVisa if I am travelling with Group Tour?

Can I print my Visa in Black and White?

My trip is delayed and my eVisa is expired. Can you change my eVisa validity date?

I plan to travel from Myanmar to another country for a short trip and return back to Myanmar again. Do I need to apply two Visas within such a short period of time?

I plan to travel to Myanmar three months later, can I apply now? If not, when can I start applying?

If my online eVisa application is denied, will I be able to apply Tourist visa through Myanmar embassy?

I know that (41) countries permitted with eVisa and tourist visa are allowed to enter Myanmar. May I know which countries you will allow more and what kind of will be extended and provided?

May I know package tour coming with eVisa from Yangon International airport allow for entry/ exit at the border check points?

After eVisa process finished, does it continue to use visa issued by Myanmar embassy and visa on arrival?

Which department can I contact to ask questions regarding eVisa?

Which payment gate can I contact?

May I know the provision of rules and regulations for visa violation?

Can I contact any Myanmar embassy to check on the status of my eVisa?

Will I receive my eVisa in postal or do I collect it at the Myanmar checkpoint?

Do you have any policy regarding the issue of permission for entry if those bring copy of approval letter instead of original (or) take a photo of it?

How many copies of Approval Letter do I need to print out?

How long will it take to get necessary documents from you?

How many days could I get in Myanmar if I travel with eVisa?

Regarding the date of application in advance, is there any policy for public holiday and vocation?

May I know the reasons why the application is rejected?

I know that the permission for eVisa is within (5) days after receiving the application form. What can I do if havent got a permission because of the Internet within (5) days?

Can I make payment offline?

Do I get a refund if my application is rejected?

What are the advantages of applying Visa online?

What should I do if I have question regarding eVisa?

I have a flight from Bangkok to Yangon and I need a visa. Could I do it online?

How long will it take to get necessary documents from you?

How many days in advance should I apply for eVisa?

How safe are my credit card details?

My credit card number is correct, but it was not accepted by your system. Why?

Do you require a scan of my passport?

What does the visa approval letter look like?

What if my passport has expired?